Inbound Content

What is Content? What Brands need to do with?

Before internet era advertisers needed space, post it they needed attention from customers. Most of today’s customers whether they are digitally native or immigrants consume content digitally over internet and seek what they need and search for  using different channels, the internet without content will be literally Empty!

I find most successful content publishing is that being done on Real time, in most relevant peaks of the day for different customer segments. Brands content attracts total strangers to a website/blog/form/landing page ..etc which in return help in creating awareness and these strangers become visitors, if they got engaged they convert and become leads, once converted brands can collect their information such as email account, demographic data and so on and can be used for example in CRM and email marketing campaigns.

It might be the start of ‘something beautiful’ , in my opinion this beautiful thing not just about purchasing but about turning customers into loyal advocates thus Promoters for the brand they love by sharing its posts and content or even by creating their own content about their experience, after all in today’s digital space everyone is publisher.

Brands need to understand that content is not about quantity and the frequency of it , it’s more about the quality of delivering engaging content targeting the right audience defined by purpose, format, and topic aligned with buyer personas and there customer journey .


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