How Smart Leaders Boost Happiness at Work

Smart leaders know how important it is to have motivated, well engaged employees, they change employees for the best and know how to bring the best out of their employees.

“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.” Orrin Woodward

Several researches conducted about how to get the best out of employees, thus the best productivity in workplace, and, most results conclude that happiness at work is the key driver.

The reasons why happiness is key: employees bring a greater level of passion, motivation, engagement, and determination to their work, customers receive better service with higher quality, and teams work more effectively in harmony.

Research from the University of California found that motivated employees were 31% more productive, had 37% higher sales, and were three times more creative than demotivated employees. They were also 87% less likely to quit, according to a Corporate Leadership Council study on over 50,000 people

Let us look at some of the best things that smart leaders do differently, and learn from them

Smart leaders engage and share information

They know that sharing information empowers their employees, they give them scope, treat their them as individuals and coach and stretch their employees. They are transparent about company goals, direction, and plans. They do not micromanage, and do not make a lot of stupid rules that only stress employees, instead they give their employees ownership, let them set their own targets and deadlines, take decisions, and trust them to do the job.

Smart leaders embrace employee voice

They see employees as central to the solution, to be involved, listened to, and invited to contribute their experience, expertise and ideas.

Smart leaders challenge their employees

They challenge them to accomplish and develop great things, they push their employees out of their comfort zone and challenge them at the right level, smart leaders do everything in their power to help them succeed. They keep their employees engaged and connected especially the talented employees who seek using their full skills at work.

Smart leaders recognize contributions and celebrate wins

They look for reasons to praise their employees and appreciate their wins and contributions; they celebrate milestones, both privately and publicly, and reward employees getting the job well done, they give their employees credit for success. They say thank you as employees are putting many efforts into the work they do.

Happiness at work drive productivity

Smart leaders are sympathetic

They see things from their employees perspective; they balance being professional with being human, recognize their employees as human and care for them and treat them well. “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Smart leaders honor their commitments

For them a word is word, they are always true to themselves and to others, and they show integrity and do not uphold a commitment, they are trustworthy and honorable, and treat others with respect.

Smart leaders do not overwork employees

They do not burn their employees and do not forget they have lives outside workplace. Overworking employees decrease productivity and foster stress and anxiety, smart leaders do not ask employee to stay late at work for no very good reason, and if they had to they show great gratitude for employees.

Smart leaders inspire and create leaders

They do their very best for their employees, elevate and promote them. They do not treat employees equally; they see strength points in every employee individually and lean on them, coach, and inspire. When they feel that employees ready to make a difference, they gladly support them.


Happy employees are less likely to leave the organisation, smart leaders surely want their best employees to stay, and they carefully care for their emotion needs.

If you are a leader, do you think your employees are happy? If not, then how to be smart leader is something you can learn and improve. Simply embrace, practice above list, and boost happiness at work, and remember “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses.” 


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